Cross-Platform Malware: A Growing Threat For Computers

There is a new threat in town when it comes to malware; it attacks without prejudice and it’s got cross-platform power.

The same strain of a particular malware and virus, if it has cross-platform ability, can hit multiple OS such as Windows, Mac and Linux etc., simultaneously. It is exceedingly harmful because it has the ability to not just infiltrate multiple OS, but also transfer infection from one platform to another with no trouble at all.

The most noted and notorious cross-platform malware started making waves in 2009. Known popularly as Koobface, this particular strain could affect both Windows and Mac computers. It could penetrate and gain access to messenger software, email outlets and social media sites. Koobface worked with a plethora of aliases and managed to snag over $2 million from different users in the span of just one year.

Our infographic takes a look at just what makes a cross-platform malware what it is. Have a look and tell us what you think. Could you be a victim of a cross-platform malware? Are you equipped with the right kind of information to know how to fight back? Give us your take!

Cross-Platform Malware: A Growing Threat
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