62% have experienced attempted cybercrime – survey

A survey by Kaspersky Labs and B2B International has revealed 62 per cent of respondents experienced at least one incident of cybercriminals attempting to steal financial information.

Kaspersky said the convenience of online shopping and banking services introduce worrying security risks for end users.

“Added convenience for law-abiding users almost always creates new security concerns, and cybercriminals are cashing in. Banking Trojans, ransomware, fakes of banking and shopping websites – the crooks have a sizeable arsenal of techniques to steal money,” Kaspersky said in a statement.

“Like any technology, online financial services have their pros and cons,” said the digital security group.

Of the 62 per cent of respondents who had claimed to have faced attempted information breaches, 41 per cent said they had lost money they were unable to get back.

“Today’s practices only increase the risk of a malicious attack, or the loss or theft of a device, as well as the loss of critically important personal data, such as personal photographs, videos, audio, sensitive work documents, and in the end, this could all lead to major financial and moral damages,” said Kaspersky.

According to the company Windows devices are most susceptible to attacks.

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