International research and practice conference “Cybersecurity-2013”

Оctober, 13-17, 2013, Ukraine, Crimea, Yalta

International research and practice conference «Cybersecurity-2013» will be held from 13 to 17 October 2013 in Yalta at the National Enterprise “Resort and recreation complex “Rossiya” of Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

The Conference acts as the platform for dialogue between public authorities and management, budgetary and private sectors of production, service delivery, science, education sector and civil society organizations to discuss common issues of cybersecurity, identify common solutions to prevent threats, ensure effective protection and security of assets cyberspace.

The target audience of the conference are the decision-makers in business and administration, heads of organizations and institutions that are responsible for protecting against threats to cybersecurity, risk management and regulatory compliance. For participation in conference are invited heads of enterprises, institutions, organizations, Director of Security, Director of IT-departments, specialists in the field of risk management, network architecture, business continuity, research, assessment, auditing and evaluation of compliance with the law.

Format of the Conference will include plenary sessions, sections, round tables, seminars and training in the following areas: “International Standard ISO / IEC 27032:2012 – General guidance on cybersecurity”, “International Standard ISO / IEC 27001 in the new edition 2013 (ISO / IEC DIS 27001:2013) », «Financial information risk assessment and international standards for the treatment of risk series ISO / IEC 31k », « ISO / IEC TR 27015:2012 – information Security Management in the financial services sector. ”

Working languages – Russian and English.

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