Cybercrimes analysis in a sphere of economic security

Some results were proposed based on conducted by authors a cybercrime analysis, which can considering as an economic security threat for enterprises.

This analysis is made in borders of current legislation of Ukraine and some international regulatory acts. In addition, a statistical condition data are shown in s specified problem area, based on which the conclusions and recommendations were formed. Some current international regulatory acts were shown in some details, which are directed to improve the state of affairs in the cybercrime.

The conducted analysis of some publications could allow confirming some general conclusions: the computer criminal epidemic is developing rapidly; cyber threats scale, and thus, a turnover of cybercrime groups is achieving above 105-114 billions $ per year (according some different estimations from some sources). This confirms some research results “Report about cybercrimes 2010: the degree of influence on society”, which has been conducted by enterprise Norton.

According some research of the last scientific publications can make a conclusion that a question for cybercrime research and its aspects has an interest for studying and development for researchers and specialists. The purpose of this article is showing of current state in cybercrime sphere and forming of some recommendations to state improving in this area with using the international legislation. Based on some statistical indicators in this area, we can have (in particular for Ukraine) a positive dynamic for decreasing a number of attack-sources, but this fact is not to use for Russia, Germany, the USA, and some others countries in the world. At the same, the worldwide tendency has a negative dynamic of increasing of an average numbers of cybercrimes.

At the same time, much government structures (tax, antimonopoly, law enforcement authorities, etc.) are receiving the significant information volume from some different organizations or personnel’s when they are performing of their general functions. It is contributing to form some different mechanisms of cybercrimes.
According on an opinion of some authors, the visible Internet is about 20-30% from all content in the Internet. Thus, can approve the invisible Internet is main part from all resources, which are accessible in on-line mode.

Are existing much kind of criminal offenses, which are linked with using of computers, and an embezzlement of money is also existing for those cases, for example, it can be some hackers attacks on banks or other financial systems; fraud, which is linking with transfer of electronic money; fraud with bank cards.

Nowadays, the main document, which is regulating some questions about international collaboration in combating with cybercrimes, is the Convention for cybercrimes. This Convention establishes some measures for using by countries on the national level with regard to offenses against confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer data and some systems; the offenses, which are linking with the computers; the offenses, which are linking with a distribution of child pornography; the offenses, which are linking in violation of the author and related rights.

Conclusions. A system of some measures and a realization of appropriate government policy in this area need for effective fighting with cybercrimes. However, only new lows are not capable to a growth of IT-offenses. For this is need a complex of measures, which are targeted not only to development of law enforcement base, but and to increase of the level of literacy of citizens and judicial and law enforcement.

One from main tasks is creating of fruitful collaboration with the judicial and law enforcement in a sphere of fighting with cybercrimes, and is assisting for some companies or enterprises, which are the victims from cyber-attacks.

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