Cyber crime complexity making traditional probe ineffective

New Delhi: The complex structure of cyber crime which thrives on mostly private infrastructure spread globally is making “archaic” investigation techniques ineffective, CBI director Ranjit Sinha said on Wednesday.

“Cyber crime causes serious damage to victims and bring huge losses to global economy. Due to its specific features, cyber crime has proven to be a challenge to the effectiveness of archaic law enforcement mechanisms,” he said.

Speaking during the signing of an agreement with Data Security Council of India here, Sinha said, “The complexity of its structure, consisting mostly of privately-owned infrastructure and numerous layers of different factors across jurisdictions, coupled with the relative anonymity it allows, may render traditional methods of investigation ineffective.”

The CBI signed the MoU with DSCI to use its expertise in updating its officials with new technologies to tackle the menace.

Giving details, CBI spokesperson said the MoU seeks to establish collaboration between law enforcement agencies through CBI and the IT Industry through DSCI for the capacity building of its officers on building up security standards.

She said the MoU will enable sharing the best practices among various enforcement agencies globally, finding solutions to emerging challenges in cyber crime prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution and preparing the stakeholders in their ability to educate and update themselves in emerging computer and information technologies.

“There is a great need for constant capacity building of law enforcement officers in this area. Cooperation between specialised agencies is the need of the hour to combat highly sophisticated faceless criminals in cyber space,” the CBI director said.


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